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How to Discover Your "WOW" Factor


What you will know about the great Wow Factor!

You will learn: 


  • What it is

  • Why is it necessary

  • How to discover it

  • What are the benefits

  • Wow Shield

  • Personal WOW Assistant 

Speakers C.O.D.E. (public speaking training)


Business owners, leaders and change agents, whether you are communicating with 1 person or 10,000 – a stage, board room classroom or your kitchen table- you are a speaker! When it comes to speaking, anyone can do it, but only a skilled few can do it well enough, engage the listener and even fewer have what it takes to get paid for it. But what if you could learn and develop what it takes to become one of the elite few? Now, you can make it your reality by learning the code, The ‎Speakers C.O.D.E.!


This workshop is masterfully designed with you in mind! As a result of attending, you will be able to

  • Develop the expertise you already possess in your own story

  • Discover the type of speaker you are

  • Know your ideal audience

  • Create a core message that people connect with and act upon

  • Design your money-making, speech masterpiece

  • Be valued, understood, effective and paid (only, if you want to)



Mental Health Training & Advocacy | Mind Manicure


Mental Health First Aid is the initial help offered to a person developing a mental health or substance use problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The first aid is given until appropriate treatment and support are received or until the crisis is resolved.

You will learn: 

  • Prevalence of mental health problems

  • Risk factors and warning signs of mental health and substance use problems

  • Information on depression, anxiety, trauma, psychosis and substance use

  • A 5-Step Action Plan to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or in a crisis

  • Available evidence-based professional, peer and self-help resources

For more information


TracyMac’s Mind Manicure   seminar can help improve the outlook on your mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. A Mind Manicure   looks different for everyone, and this seminar will allow you to tailor it and come away with what works best for you. Although Mind Manicure   is not a cure for mental illness. It can provide alternatives to help mitigate the harmful effects and introduce helpful options that can assist in managing a healthier mindset.

For more information

Direct Solutions Mediation (workplace conflict resolution)


Creating Sustained Solutions! Conflicts will happen! Are you positioned to handle them when they arise? 


Using mediation is one the most cost-effective ways to prevent unplanned expenses when conflict arises within your organization, or within your family. Workplace conflict is becoming increasingly costly to businesses nationwide. Some of the costs are obvious, like quality problems that arise when employees act on their anger instead cooperating in a team-environment manner. There are other costs that are hidden, such as employee sabotage and the impact of conflict on decision-making.

TRACYMAC Coaching Services through MTI effectively train clients and teams to resolve conflicts between parties on a regular basis, personally and professionally, with positively planned reunification outcomes.

It's SistaNista   Time (Virtual/In-person Groups | Keynote | Seminars)

SistaNista   LIVE events hosted by TracyMac are not to be missed! Thousands of lives have been enriched and changed on-the-spot in her LIVE and virtual, pop-ups, and empowering events. It’s one thing to attend a seminar, get hyped and lose it all in the parking lot. But not a SistaNista   circle! Her unique delivery of the subject matter is dynamic, practical and fun-filled! She effortlessly drives sustainable change, inspiring and encouraging participants to grow from information to implementation, rather its individuals, couples, social organization and work teams. She is a support surge by being a well of wisdom, support surplus and a relevant resource in many ways!

As a result of attending:

  • You and your community will experience leveling up to new heights.

  • Be delivered a signature program topic or your event theme specific topic.

  • Encounter a marked life changing and indelible impact message.  

Better Together (premarital & couples)


"Better Together" is for couples and partners who are at various stages of relationships. Whether there are relationship issues or if you are wise enough to do what it takes to prevent them. This module and workshop will bring a sense of purpose and balance to your relationship. Also, a great pre-martial resource.

Key Points:

  • Are planning to get married or wondering if you should

  • Are having marital or long-term relationship challenges

  • Realize the person you were or who they have changed since “I do”

  • Are thinking about ending your relationship and wondering if you should

  • You and your spouse or partner are just fine, but would appreciate the value of a relationship checkup

Coaching Essentials and Advanced Mastery Coaching


  • Coaching Essentials 90-Day or Accelerated 6-Week Certificate Program

  • Advance Mastery Coaching Certification Program


Are you interested in coaching to:


  • Help others strategically transform their lives?

  • Have more meaning within their personal and professional relationships?

  • Guide and assist others in experiencing a greater sense of purpose?


Our Coaching Programs are ideal for aspiring professional coaches; existing coaches who treasure the value of being certified; cutting-edge leaders who want to use proven and effective coaching skills, small business owners who want to motivate employee loyalty and advancement, and spiritual leaders who want to inspire and promote strategic spiritual growth. 


I hear you, you matter, and I am here to help – You will be given the opportunity to work directly with Coach TracyMac as you discover and develop:


  • The energy and patience to listen to the lives of people and help them with their dreams and goals

  • The heart to serve a clientele who are depending on you to help them at some of the most vulnerable stages of their lives

  • The desire and the transparency to tell your story to help others in like situations

  • The willingness to create and share the principles of how you were able to overcome

  • The disciplines to develop and provide the tools you used that changed your life for the better and help others be and do greater

  • The integrity to help others discover their own answers and develop their own solutions

  • The leadership skills to assist those who look to you for guidance never having the desire to intimidate or control

Leadership Optimization

Through our own experiences working with individuals and small groups – TRACYMAC Coaching Services has designed, used and have successfully market tested this intense and accelerated training. Give your organization a power surge, by investing in the people, to increase productivity, invite innovative ideas and cultivate professional relationships that support the corporate mission, vision and core values. - is a unique professional development module that will assist leadership teams with:

This program is masterfully designed with your leaders in mind! As a result of attending, they will be able to

  • Place an emphasis on optimizing relationship skills

  • Learn creative cohesive leadership techniques

  • Enhance effective communication and problem solving

  • Improve faculty and staff development

  • Implement strategic teambuilding

Healthier Habits Workshop (food, folks & funds)

  • Leadership fatigue, compassion fatigue and achievement efforts & transition fatigue are real!

  • Vacation may help, offering a change of scenery and a night out can mean a few hours of social release. Enjoy that! We do, too!

  • But how do you refuel holistically, in comparison to how you give?

  • How do you replenish from personal & professional relationship engagement?

  • Where do you get the action steps to reset for sustained holistic health and rejuvenation?

  • When do you get to connect with like-minded professionals who appreciate the value of financial wealth?


You will: 

  • Receive HEALING & ENCOURAGEMENT for a real change


  • Personal BRAND & RELATIONSHIP Strategies

  • Get CLARITY to REVIVE your dreams and reset your GOALS

  • On-the-spot personal and Group Coaching Opportunities

  • Great Giveaways!


Learn more about how I can serve you by clicking below.









Learn more about how I can serve you by clicking below.

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