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Peace Place For Me Community - A virtual connection where the contagious Love of God abides and thrives! We are an inclusive community purposed to enhance and expand spiritual and holistic growth to advance the Kingdom of God. We get to enjoy life more abundantly, in peace.


You are welcome to join Pastor and Chaplain TracyMac in this Virtual, Inter-Faith/Inclusive and Purpose Filled Community:


Here’s what awaits you:


  • The warmth of fellowship in a virtual space: Immerse yourself in the supportive embrace of our welcoming inclusive community.


  • Spiritual enrichment: Receive uplifting messages that renew your spirit with purpose filled connections.


  • The open discussions: Share in a safe and inclusive space while enhancing your growth in the knowledge of the true love of God.


  • The joy of intimacy: Feel a sense of belonging with the benefits of like-minded relationships.


Whether you’re a seasoned churchgoer or just searching for a sanctuary in the digital age, Peace Place For Me has a place for you. Discover the abundance of peace and strength that faith can offer in our ever-changing world.


You’re welcome at Peace Place For Me Community regardless of age, background, or beliefs.


Join us on the 2nd and 4th Sundays at 7AM. For your access TODAY!

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