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Private V.I.P. - Value In Purpose TM

 1-3-Day, 90 day or 6-month Coaching package 


Our individual VIP sessions are highly effective. One-on-one coaching directly with Coach TracyMac, using her expertise to tailor a program specific to the need of high profile clientele or professionals who require an exclusive experience. Our VIP clients understand the value in investing in themselves and expecting a high yield return.


Clients Testimony ~


"TRACYMAC -- your energy, confidence, knowledge with a touch of realness that you bring to the table each and every time we met made all the difference in the world to me.  The practical teachings/ways to achieve my desires was one factor I truly believe ultimately set me on my way. You are professional yet personal in managing your service and all I will say, is keep doing what you do!! " - T. Fleming, VIP Client


Through a proven process called OAR (Observe, Assess, and Resolve), developed by Coach TracyMac, you will be empowered to:


  • Discover YOUr purpose;

  • Evolve and develop YOUr life’s mission(s);

  • Create strategic plans and goals YOU set;

  • Implement what we help YOU create, and;

  • Achieve success personally and professionally, for YOUr life.


The process is consistent, but each experience is unique and exclusive, tailored and intensive for our VIP clientele!


TracyMac is currently accepting clients who are:


  • Ready to get into ACTION… NOW!

  • Ready to commit to the success of their future.

  • Ready to take responsibility.

  • Ready to invest in themselves and do the work to experience a quality return

  • Ready to minimize distractions.

  • Willing to hear the truth – spoken with compassion, but with boldness.

  • Motivated to tackle tough issues and commit to actually making changes.

  • Honest with themselves about what is really going on in their lives, and ready to be transparent.

  • Open to using their sense of humor to help get through the uncomfortable moments.


In a world where everybody wants to be heard, feel as though they make a difference, but are screaming through the same social media platforms, sometimes you just need an objective ear to bounce off life’s aspirations. 


Clarity - I see you. With my help, you will know exactly what to do - next (and for years to come). You will be crystal clear about your God-give purpose, life’s mission, and will have a consistent level of passion.


Focus – I hear you, you matter, and are relevant. You will have a plan adapted to you and designed for your life. You will be heard, realize that who you are and what you have to say matter in a judgment-free space to be yourself.  You will receive proven principles unique to your experience, and be guided through vision development, goal setting, and the freedom to create your personal success plan.


Acceptance – You are who I am here to help. I listen very closely, not only to your words, but to who you ARE, to help you recognize your unique gift, so that you can share it with the world and translate that into personal satisfaction and professional success. I will collaborate with you to:


  • Develop your unique wow factor,

  • Build your own personal brand, and

  • Create strategies for your unique plan with no cookie-cutter modules or irrelevant rubber–stamp modules.

  • Design an upgraded and robust vision for your life

  • Strategize goals

  • Implement plans and staff your life accordingly


As a result, you will enjoy more meaningful, harmonious, productive and mutually gratifying relationships, with a special emphasis on the relationship you have yourself. If you keep putting yourself last, everyone is being taught, by you, to keep you there.


If you prefer an intimate, one-on-one environment and appreciate the commitment and value of an exclusive 5-star experience.


Apply Here!

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