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Speaker’s C.O.D.E

Public Speaking Training

Whether your audience is 1, 10 or 10,000, or your platform is a stage, a boardroom, conference room or at your kitchen table? Can you imagine speaking, and saying exactly what people need to hear?


Take a moment to imagine...


You are a speaker, and speaking is an art. Did you know there was a code, a Speaker’s C.O.D.E.? What would it mean to your life and career if you knew a practical, life changing formula that could add wealth to any of your relationships? What would it mean to finally be heard? Imagine that! 


Now, you can make it your reality by learning the code, The ‪‎Speakers C.O.D.E.


Through their own experiences of over 30 years of speaking to individuals and small groups, to well over 10,000, and sharing their messages from various stages and to all types of audiences – TracyMac and Owen have designed, used and have successfully market tested this intense and accelerated Speaker’s C.O.D.E. training, for effective, public speaking and dynamic communication. We did it for us and we want to offer it to you! 


This workshop is masterfully designed with you in mind! As a result of attending, you will be able to


  • Develop the expertise you already possess

  • Discover the type of speaker you are

  • Be valued, understood, effective and paid (only, if you want to)

and so much more…


This seminar will help you translate the principles, tools and concepts learned to your life and beyond. Utilize it to capture the actions you feel will have the most impact on your current life and future for sustainable solutions. The ‪‎Speakers C.O.D.E.


You are invited to enjoy “Speaker C.O.D.E.” a transformational experience!

Discover and develop what it takes to become one of the elite few, contact us TODAY! 

For More Information or Book TracyMac TODAY!

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