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TRACYMAC’s LIVE events are not to be missed! To sum it up in one word: IMPACTING!


Thousands of lives have been enriched and changed on-the-spot in her LIVE, empowering events. It’s one thing to attend a seminar, get hyped and lose it all in the parking lot. Not a TRACYMAC workshop or retreat!


Her unique delivery of the subject matter is dynamic, practical and fun-filled! She effortlessly drives sustainable change, inspiring and encouraging participants to grow from information to implementation.  Individuals, couples, groups and work teams, diverse in many ways, enjoy an energetic “support surge”!


There is nothing like a LIVE event with TRACYMAC as keynote! Not only are you in for an extraordinary event, but you and your participants will experience leveling up to new heights. Rather it is one of her signature program topics or event theme specific topic. She will deliver a message that will leave a marked life changing IMPACT on you and your event participants!


Don’t hesitate book her for your next event NOW!


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