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What is Life Coaching?


For years serious athletes, actors, professionals and those of notoriety have used personal life coaches to help maximize their skills and abilities. They have people called agents, personal assistants, consultants or advisors to assist with their life-betterment. Your success is no less important. Don’t miss out!


Because of the caliber of our elite clientele, and the nature of our life coaching services, we pride ourselves on being reliable and maintaining a superior level of discretion. 


Who has a Life Coach?


World changers and successful leaders, including celebrities

and athletes, have life coaches!


Here’s just a few!


  • Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt have life coaches.                                                                                                                                 See what they have to say! 





  • Steve Harvey's life coaching experience with world-class coach and motivation speaker, Lisa Nichols, has thrust him into the coaching profession, through his Act Like A Success coaching programs





  • Oprah Winfrey’s life coach Dr. Phil





  • Life Coach Tony Robbins’ has proven A-list client testimonials from Marc Benioff, (CEO of Salesforce), (Award Winning) Author, Stephen R. Covey, American Express, Harvard Business School, Serena Williams (Olympic Champion, Tennis Phenomenon), Pat Riley (NBA Hall of Fame Coach) and Pit Bull (Music Sensation/International Businessman), just to name a few!


You may be at a crossroads or just want more out of life or may feel stuck in your current experience. Our life coaching services, specializing in self-discovery and personal & professional development, are offered in individual and group settings. 


Gift your life with the joy of knowing who you are and deliberately bless it with the assurance of knowing your purpose, which is your "Reason for Being". Doing so is one of the best personal investments you can make that will always be profitable to YOU! Don't leave you behind, take action today! Apply Here


Life Coaching at TracyMac Coaching Services ~​

  • Facilitates an environment for change and betterment

  • Allows you to be heard, appreciated and more fulfilled

  • Supports you to enhance and appreciate your personal value

  • Offers the gift of acceptance and confidentiality in a judgment free zone

  • Provides the space for you to know, grow and emerge​


How You Can Benefit ~

​Working with a life coach can offer many benefits. Taking this time to focus on you, devoting the energy toward your personal discovery and passions and goals can be very rewarding. People and organizations who successfully live and operate on purpose have Life Coach TracyMac! Life Coaching is for you if you know or are aware:​

  • You’ve put yourself, dreams and visions on hold long enough

  • You are ready to discover your purpose and live it

  • You don't just want different, but you know you deserve better and best 

  • There is more to life than what is presently being experienced and you are stuck

  • Conditioned beliefs no longer satisfy your life or the needs of the organization

  • Self-satisfaction and improvement is not found in reading another book, promotion or relationship

  • You are, innately, too great to settle for forced norms

  • What you have been taught and your current beliefs can't answer your new questions

  • Religion alone does not completely define your Spirituality

  • The expectations of others is no longer or has never been your soul or sole desire

Benefits ~

  • An accountability partner

  • Effective communication that promotes action

  • Create relevant answers

  • Go further and faster toward your goals

  • Be guided to your own solutions

  • Sustain momentum and consistency

  • Take more effective and focused actions

  • Discover, evolve, solve and achieve!

This partnership will assist you in experiencing balance, advancement and having a sense of purpose. Successful people and progressive organizations employ coaching to achieve and improve overall performance. 

Discover your solutions! 




Because of the caliber of our elite clientele, and the nature of our services, we pride ourselves on being reliable and maintaining a superior level of discretion. 

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