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Couples and Pre-Marital Workshop

The Professional’s Life Coach- Tracy (TracyMac) McNeil and Owen McNeil – Coach and Professional Mentor are Lifestyle Management Experts and The Relationship Brokers™ Present “Better Together” Couples and Pre-Marital Coaching Workshop.


Celebrate your relationship! Saturate it with renewed energy, upgrade your value as an individual and as a couple with sustained solutions. Come network with other like-minded couples! Get ready for a great time of sheer enjoyment!


Most people spend more money on weddings, rings and divorce. The time spent planning a wedding averages 6-8 months. And most NEVER invest in relationship maintenance or plan for it. In many cases, by the time counseling is necessary, divorce is already being considered. Don’t let that be you!


Whether you're in a relationship, engaged, married and you're facing challenges or married and are passionately loving and smooth sailing with your soul mate - Better Together Couples Workshop is masterfully designed for you to enjoy! We'll celebrate as well as the matters of black love and relationships!


Owen & TracyMac’s more than 30 years of friendship, marriage and years of relationship coaching and business partnership has given them the privilege of experiencing a myriad of relationship dynamics, including their own relationship challenges – from communication, sex, finances to loyalties and infidelities. And you know what? In all of that, they have lived, firsthand, the stages of:


Better Together? Better Together. and Better Together!


Through their own experiences of failure, triumph and the sweet balance of consistent success in between, as well as effectively assisting other couples through private coaching, workshops and products, TracyMac and Owen have created the “Better Together” Couples ONLY workshop. It has proven to be:


  • Engaging

  • Fun!

  • Intimate

  • Spirited

  • Inspirational and

  • Motivational

  • Nuggets for thought…


  1. Does your relationship deserve a little time to experience that? Does he deserve, or does she deserve you and your relationship at its best? We say, "Absolutely!"

  2. When is the last time, you both, asked your relationship questions that sparked growth and excitement, and just didn't wait on drama, negative situations and "happenstance" to promote growth and positive change?

  3. How are you taking care of your marriage or long-term relationship and how is it taking care of you?

  4. Some base the value of the love exchange or the commitment on the rings. Well, the wedding or the rings don't determine the value of the relationship, no more than a watch gives you time.


 ***Leaders, Business Owners, Coaches and Change Agents***

This workshop is designed for you. You give, help and assist but where do you go for YOU, two?!


You are invited to enjoy “Better Together” a transformational experience!

If you are ready to enjoy a more harmonious relationship, contact us TODAY! 

For More Information or Book TracyMac TODAY!

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